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Thanks for a Great Year!

As my year as SLAS president draws to a close, it is with pride and appreciation that I reflect on the achievements of the past year. SLAS made remarkable progress in 2016 thanks to many energized and forward-thinking members of our life sciences discovery and technology community. From the members of the SLAS Board of Directors, to the many committees and the whole professional team, SLAS is driven by individuals who selflessly invest time and talent to the benefit of our community today and well into tomorrow. This strong level of involvement was evident in the very successful SLAS2016 in San Diego and the many new initiatives that were put in motion throughout the year.


The Dark Genome: Let There Be Light

“The dark genome represents the set of genes and their corresponding proteins that remain unstudied or understudied. Given that target validation is a critical bottleneck in the discovery of new therapeutics, illumination of the dark genome could identify druggable targets relevant to diseases,” says Rajarshi Guha, research scientist at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences and chair of the SLAS2017 Informatics Session on Let There Be Light: Informatics Approaches to Exploring the Dark Genome. 


Dana Vanderwall: Conquering Data Space

Captivated by informatics and analytics, this biochemist-turned-IT-guy shaped his career around digging information out of the facts and figures generated in the laboratory. He describes his journey as a progression from one interesting problem to the next.