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Use Soft Skills to Sell Your Hard-Earned Life Sciences Technical Expertise

If you’re a student or early career professional in the life sciences, chances are you have focused on earning an education and building your technical expertise in the lab. You may not have had an opportunity to think about the soft skills – communication, teamwork and leadership, to name a few – that demonstrate intangible abilities in a tangible way. The experts explain how these skills factor into who gets the job, leads the team, makes the presentation and secures that important promotion.


Growing Impact of Biologics in Drug Discovery and Therapeutics

“Biologics make up an estimated 25 to 30 percent of therapeutic agents on the market today. This demand for therapeutic biologics has exceeded what can be provided by traditional manual laboratory methods and has opened the door for the development of automation and miniaturization to accelerate the discovery process and offer new therapeutic opportunities,” says Daniel Sipes, M.S., director of automation at Genomics Institute, Novartis Research Foundation, (San Diego, CA).


Center Yourself: 2017 SLAS Annual Report

At the center of today’s many changes, challenges and choices are SLAS members, the principal stakeholders in the unique and united community of professionals who thrive at the intersection of applied and basic life sciences discovery and technology. Relevant, collaborative and future-focused describe SLAS in 2017. To the benefit of more than 18,000 members worldwide, significant strides forward were made to enhance SLAS operations and the Society’s resource-rich menu of programs, products, services and events.