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Fresh Science and Fresh Talent: The SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards

Since SLAS was founded in 2010, SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards have provided funding to enable 337 students, post-docs and early career professionals from around the world to participate in SLAS International Conferences and Exhibitions.


Making N-of-1 Medicine a Reality

An SLAS Technology Special Issue captures a dramatic suite of advances in personalized and precision medicine. These new technologies address the treatment plans of individual patients with the hope of turning terminal illnesses into chronic issues. SLAS Technology Co-Guest Editor Dean Ho, Ph.D., found himself boiling down all of personalized and precision medicine (PPM) to one word during an SLAS-sponsored panel presentation held at InnovFest Unbound Singapore 2016. “When the moderator asked us to come up with one word to describe PPM, I said actionability,” he says.


Bridging the Gap: Bringing 3D Cell Culture and Phenotypic Drug Screening Together

What happens when several scientific disciplines join forces to tackle one of the biggest challenges in drug discovery and development? You get “a fast-moving field with a lot of innovation and a lot of exciting research,” says Richard Eglen, Ph.D., of Corning Life Sciences, former SLAS president and a guest editor of the June 2017 SLAS Discovery Special Issue on 3D Cell Culture, Drug Screening and Optimization.


Special Issue

3D Cell Culture, Drug Screening and Optimization

Special Issue

Personalized and Precision Medicine: Making N-of-1 Medicine a Reality