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Rational Screen Design: A Long-Lived Topic

“Could I have found this compound faster, cheaper or easier by an alternative strategy?” This is a question anyone involved in running a screening campaign should ask themselves, says Ed Ainscow, head of discovery at Carrick Therapeutics and chair of the SLAS2017 Rational Screen Design Session in the Assay Development and Screening Track

This question has been posed since drug discovery began, and the advent of high-throughput screening made it a more pressing question.


Undruggable or Just Undrugged? Exploring Alternative Targets

The world of drug discovery continues to evolve with changes in the availability of analytical tools and reagents and new strategies leveraged to pursue molecular targets previously considered to be undruggable. This is especially true in oncology where there are large numbers of challenging molecular targets identified but not yet exploited for pharmacological intervention.


Stay in Step with the 'Crazy Pace' of High-Content Screening Advances

Magic. It can happen when people with curious minds gather to digest and dissect a rapidly changing and highly productive field of life sciences discovery and technology. Magic happened in Dresden, Germany, in June of 2016.