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Integration of Lead Discovery Tactics and the Evolution of the Lead Discovery Toolbox

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Melanie Leveridge
Screening, Profiling and Mechanistic Biology (UK)
United Kingdom

Melanie Leveridge is director of GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK’s) Screening Profiling and Mechanistic Biology UK team, within the global New Chemical Entity (NCE) molecular discovery organization. Leveridge has been with GSK since 2005 and in this time has held roles of increasing responsibility in a variety of small molecule discovery platform groups, leading teams to deliver high-throughput screening, lead optimization profiling, assay development and mechanistic biology studies. Leveridge also is passionate about technology and capability development, and has led numerous technology development collaborations particularly in the application of high-throughput mass spectrometry techniques for screening and compound profiling, a topic on which she has published a number of peer reviewed articles in SLAS journals. Leveridge also is an active member of the SLAS Americas Scientific Program Committee.


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September 20, 2018