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Heart-on-a-Chip: An Investigation of the Influence of Static and Perfusion Conditions on Cardiac (H9C2) Cell Proliferation, Morphology, and Alignment

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Elzbieta Jastrzebska, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Microbioanalytics 
Warsaw University of Technology
Warsaw, Poland 

Elzbieta Jastrzebska was born in Poland in 1984. She received her M.Sc. Eng. in chemical technology from the Department of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) in Poland in 2008 and her Ph.D. in chemistry from the same faculty in 2012. Jastrzebska had a scientific internship at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland with the Prof. Renaud Group for three months in 2012. Currently Jastrzebska is assistant professor in the Department of Microbioanalytics and a member of its Chemical Sensors Research Group. Before this, Jastrzebska led three programs in Poland dedicated to young scientists: Luventus Plus (funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education), Sonata (funded by National Science Centre) and LIDER (funded by the National Centre for Research and Development). Jastrzebska was the winner of national and international competitions for young scientists, including Marie Curie funding and a Scopus-Perspektywy Young Researcher Award funded by Elsevier B.V. Jastrzebska’s current research interests are design and development of microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip systems for biological applications and cell engineering – Cell-on-a-chip and Organ-on-a-chip systems. She successfully developed microsystems useful for cytotoxicity assays, the evaluation of photodynamic therapy  (PDT)  procedures, nanoparticles studies, cells migration analysis as well as  mimicking of heart cell functions (Heart-on-a-chip).


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September 25, 2017