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JALA and JBS readers, authors, editors and reviewers are life sciences discovery and technology professionals. They are academic, commercial and government researchers, scientists and engineers who conduct research, and develop and implement new technologies. Together, these journals address the full spectrum of issues that are mission-critical to this important audience, enabling research teams to gain scientific insights; increase productivity; elevate data quality; reduce process cycle times; and enable research and development that otherwise would be impossible.

Both JBS and JALA consider previously unpublished, original research and review manuscripts on an ongoing basis from SLAS members and nonmembers. Accepted manuscripts typically publish with a DOI number to JALA Online and JBS Online within 30 days, making them immediately searchable and citeable.


Journal of Laboratory Automation

Translating Life Sciences Innovation!
In January 2017, JALA will become
SLAS Technology

Editor-in-Chief: Edward Kai-Hua Chow, PhD, National University of Singapore

JALA explores ways in which scientists adapt advancements in technology for scientific exploration and experimentation. Six issues are published annually in February, April, June, August, October and December.



Journal of Biomolecular Screening

Advancing Life Sciences R&D!
In January 2017, JBS will become
SLAS Discovery.

Editor-in-Chief: Robert M. Campbell, Ph.D., Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN (USA)

  • 2015 Impact Factor: 2.218
  • 2015 Rankings:34 out of 75 in the Analytical Chemistry category;
    73 out of 161 in the Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology category;
    and 44 out of 77 in the Biochemical Research Methods category.
  • Search for JBS in MEDLINE with J Biomol Screen or Journal of Biomolecular Screening.
  • How to access JBS Online (instructions for SLAS members).

JBS reports how scientists develop and utilize novel technologies and/or approaches to provide and characterize chemical and biological tools to understand and treat human disease. Ten issues are published annually in January, February, March, April, June, July, August, September, October and December. 


SLAS Journal News and Announcements

  • Call for Special Collection Proposals
    • New! SLAS Discovery and SLAS Technology invite proposals from interested guest editors for collections of five to seven original scientific reports that collectively explore the different dimensions, recent achievements and existing challenges related to a timely topic of interest and importance to SLAS journal readers.
  • New Opportunity to Increase Global Discoverability
    SLAS journal authors now may choose to provide up to four translated abstracts (200 words each) for meta-tagged online publication with their accepted manuscripts for a fee of $200 each. Translated abstracts help authors increase readership and citations of their work by increasing online discoverability through Google and other international search engines that function in languages other than English.
  • Free and Easy Opportunities for SLAS Authors:
    • Register for Kudos to explain, enrich and share your published papers, and then measure the impact of your actions. SAGE authors using Kudos in 2013 enjoyed 19% higher downloads of their published work than non-users. More
    • Protect your scholarly identity by registering for an ORCID unique identifier so editors, funding agencies, publishers and institutions can reliably recognize you in the same way that ISBNs and DOIs identify books and articles.

Congratulations to the SLAS Journal Achievement Award Honorees

Tips for Authors:

The National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy Information for Authors

JALA and JBS open access to their peer reviewed scientific content one year after final (print) publication. JALA and JBS also offer open access options to ensure author compliance with major funding mandates of RCUK, NIH, Wellcome Trust and other agencies. The early open access fee is $3,000. Contact for more information.

Call for Volunteers: Journal Manuscript Reviewers Wanted

JALA and JBS rely on volunteer experts to rigorously review manuscripts prior to publication to ensure scientific excellence. Anyone interested in serving as an SLAS volunteer to assess prospective manuscripts for JALA and/or JBS, may register at JBS SAGEtrack and/or JALA SAGEtrack. Please pay special attention to the keywords (areas of expertise) in your personal profile to ensure manuscripts and reviewers are appropriately matched. For more info about expectations for this volunteer role, please read the JALA & JBS Guidelines for Manuscript Reviewers.

SLAS Member Subscription Information

  • SLAS Combination Memberships (BSS & LAS) allow print subscriptions and full online access to both SLAS journals.
  • Regular members of the Biomolecular Sciences Section (BSS) receive a print subscription and full online access to the Journal of Biomolecular Screening (JBS) only.
  • Emerging Economy, Early Career Professional, Retired and Student members of BSS receive full online access to JBS only.
  • Regular members of the Laboratory Automation Section (LAS) receive a print subscription and full online access to the Journal of Laboratory Automation (JALA) only.
  • Emerging Economy, Early Career Professional, Retired and Student members of LAS receive full online access to JALA only.
  • E-Members do not receive print subscriptions or password-protected access to either journal.

Change of Address

  • SLAS Members: Please make changes to your personal membership profile via the SLAS Member Directory. If you have questions: e-mail; telephone +1.877.990.SLAS (7527) or +1.630.256.SLAS (7527).
  • Nonmembers: Please contact the SAGE Journals Customer Service Department at or +1.800.818.7243.


Editorial Contact

Send any questions, suggestions, ideas or concerns regarding JALA or JBS to Nan Hallock, Director of Publishing, Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, 819 Shorewood Boulevard, Manitowoc, WI 54220 USA. Telephone +1.630.256.7527, ext. 106. E-mail