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Microplate Standards

The SLAS Microplate Standards Advisory Committee, in compliance with the Policies and Procedures of both this organization and ANSI, has recently completed the re-affirmation vote for these five standards. The consensus body unanimously voted Affirmative, with no comment to reaffirm. The public now has time to submit any comments for this consensus body to address before this information is officially submitted to ANSI.

Please submit your comments or questions to Mary Geismann before 12:00pm Noon Central on Thursday, June 8th.

The SLAS Microplate Standards Advisory Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the five ANSI/SLAS standards below. As directed by ANSI, the committee is comprised of a balanced representation of manufacturers of microplates, manufacturers of instruments that utilize microplates, industrial and academic users of microplates and those with a general interest but do not fit in the previous categories.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Mary Geismann.

Read the Policies and Procedures for the SLAS Microplate Standards Advisory Committee here.

See how to correctly reference the Microplate Standards here.