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Using Microscale Thermophoresis to Characterize Hits from High-Throughput Screening: A European Lead Factory Perspective

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Stuart P. McElroy, Ph.D.
European Screening Centre
Newhouse, U.K.


Stuart P. McElroy was named head of biology at the European Screening Centre (ESC) in Newhouse, U.K. in 2013. Focused on hit/lead discovery, the ESC forms part of the European Lead Factory, a novel platform for innovative drug discovery aimed at bridging the gap between large pharma and Europe’s academics and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). McElroy gained his degree in pharmacology at the University of Edinburgh followed by a Ph.D. from the University of Strathclyde before helping to establish the Dundee Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) in 2006, a small biotech style integrated drug discovery group based within Dundee University. Initially focused on neglected tropical diseases, McElroy worked on early stage drug discovery projects across a wide variety of target classes before becoming a team leader in 2010. He helped to establish the non-tropical disease portfolio within the DDU where he led discovery biology projects in partnerships with both large pharma and SMEs prior to taking up his current role. 



European Screening Centre

European Lead Factory

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February 20, 2018