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Firepower at Your Fingertips: SLAS Has What You Need When You Need It

As SLAS president, I talk with many people from different backgrounds about our Society and the value of membership. I’m always surprised by the number of people who are unaware of the wealth of knowledge that’s available at their fingertips through SLAS.

By Richard M. Eglen, Ph.D.

I’m sure that everyone knows that SLAS exists to advance life sciences discovery and technology through education, and it does so in many different ways. Indeed, our flagship international conference and exhibition and our scientific journals are very well known. But, how many people know that as well as these high-profile initiatives, there are many sources for informed expertise, opinions and practical information that members can quickly and easily access 24/7/365.

First, SLAS members can benefit from free on-demand access to all SLAS Webinars and recorded presentations from SLAS2013, SLAS2014, SLAS2015 and SLAS2016. These archives are growing and currently offer more than 80 scientific reports presented by world-class experts on a variety of topics, ranging from microfluidics and genome engineering to 1536-well cell-based screening and predictive ADMET. Also available are the hundreds of scientific posters that were presented at SLAS2015 and SLAS2016. On top of all this, the SLAS LabAutopedia offers a timely portal to more than 500 articles, websites and other online resources relating to life sciences discovery and technology.

Second, to assist members in finding technology solutions to their life sciences challenges, information about the latest products and services is indexed and searchable by company names, product categories, scientific disciplines and/or specific product names in The MarketPlace at

Third, and perhaps  the best, most valuable resources available to SLAS members are other SLAS members. It’s a fact that resourceful leaders grow best through strategic relationships, and when you join SLAS, you join a friendly and diverse community committed to collaboration. You can get to know these people, your peers, via the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine. You can read about their personal and professional achievements, learn from their experiences and perspectives, and then reach out to them!

I’ve never met an SLAS member unwilling to help out another member. SLAS can facilitate these connections and enable individuals to find each other, get to know each other and help each other move forward in their research and careers. How can you do this? – Easy…

Join a Special Interest Group (SIG)
Birds of a feather flock together and this can be done through SLAS’s 16 SIGs. Focused on specific topics ranging from Technology Transfer and CRO/CMO Project Management to Informatics and Labware Leachables, SLAS SIGs exchange information and ideas online throughout the year and meet in person during SLAS International Conferences. If you have a question, post it to the appropriate SIG’s LinkedIn forum or e-mail to the SIG chair for suggestions.

Engage in Social Media
Follow SLAS on Twitter, like us on Facebook or join us at SLAS Americas LinkedIn or SLAS Europe LinkedIn. All these social media networks exist to connect people with other people. Those who participate do so because they understand this and want to engage. Use SLAS social media to find answers to questions as well as intelligently build your personal network of colleagues, mentors and role models. Likewise, I encourage you to share your expertise by answering the questions of others or posting links to new ideas you find interesting and helpful. The opportunities offered by social media truly are endless.

Dial Direct
If you read about somebody in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine, meet them at a conference, see their post in SLAS social media or SIG online forums, use the SLAS Member Directory to find them and follow up. Search the member directory by first and/or last names, company names, cities or countries. Then don’t be afraid to reach out – tell them you’re an SLAS member and you’d like to connect with them. Believe me, this is all it takes to open new doors and establish new friendships and alliances.

Volunteer and Contribute
Learn and grow personally and professionally by stepping in as an SLAS contributor and/or volunteer. SLAS is an organization led by members to benefit members. There are many ways for individuals to learn from each other. In exchange for contributing time, talent and expertise, volunteers can advance their knowledge, their careers and often make new friends in the process.

Author a Journal Manuscript

Present a Poster at SLAS2017


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Editor’s Footnote:  Learn more about SLAS President Richard Eglen by visiting the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine.

August 29, 2016