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Fresh Science and Fresh Talent: The SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards

Since SLAS was founded in 2010, SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards have provided funding to enable 337 students, post-docs and early career professionals from around the world to participate in SLAS International Conferences and Exhibitions.

By Scott Atkin

With an investment of nearly half a million dollars (from 2010 through 2017), the Tony B. program reflects a serious commitment to the next generation of scientific thought-leaders. This investment does much more than cover the cost of airfare and hotel rooms. It is invigorating science, extending collaboration networks and building a stable path forward for our Society.

By bringing promising new scientific initiatives to the forefront, this program informs, teaches and inspires SLAS members at all levels. It also brings fresh talent into the SLAS fold. Many up-and-coming researchers matriculated out of the Tony B. program into active, contributing members and important SLAS volunteer leadership roles. For example, the program created essential traction for the dynamic SLAS Student and Early Career Professionals Advisory Committee and brought scores of energetic volunteers to the SLAS journals, most notably SLAS Technology Editor-in-Chief Edward Kai-Hua Chow, Ph.D., of the National University of Singapore.

Tony B. award winners are not drawn out of a hat or selected to simply fill a quota. Tony B. awards are hard-earned. Teams of experienced life sciences research veterans (SLAS member volunteers) thoughtfully evaluate every Tony B. application that’s received and work together to determine which candidates achieve the highest levels of excellence in innovation. It’s a job that, over the years, has been taken very seriously by 60 volunteers.

Podium and poster abstracts and Tony B. applications are now being accepted for SLAS2018, which will be held Feb. 3-7 in San Diego, CA. If you are a student or if you know a student, here are the application deadlines you need to know:

  • Podium abstracts with Tony B. applications must be submitted by Monday, Aug. 7, 2017.
  • Poster abstracts with Tony B. applications must be submitted by Monday, Sept. 25, 2017

After the life sciences discovery and technology community lost Tony Beugelsdijk in 2009, the SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards program was created as a tribute to his inherent curiosity and leadership; attributes that led those who knew him to greatly respect, admire and appreciate him. As former SLAS Board of Directors member Andy Zaayenga once said, “If the measure of a person is in the positive impact they made in others' lives, then Tony stood ten feet tall.”

Read more about the best of the best new talent brought to the SLAS community through the SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards program:

Editor’s Footnote:  Learn more about SLAS President Scott Atkin.

June 19, 2017