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Special Collection: Advances in 3D and Organoid Cell Culture

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Guest Editor Richard M. Eglen, Ph.D.


Free access to the articles in this special collection is sponsored by Corning Life Sciences.

A new collection of reviews and original research articles in SLAS Technology illustrate how new technologies and advanced cell culture are accelerating basic research, drug discovery and drug development.

When cultured under 3D conditions, human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) provide optimized systems that more accurately reflect disease-related target mutations, compound pharmacology and toxicology.

The review articles in this collection feature a comprehensive, two-part, overview of the use of 3D culture, including spheroids and organoids, when growing human iPSCs for use in disease modeling, compound screening and lead optimization. The research articles address the high-throughput screening of glioblastoma oncospheres in drug, a microfluidic approach to optimization of culture conditions for human iPSCs differentiation, and novel hydrogels for use in microlayered tissue constructs.

Collectively, this special collection illustrates how the human iPS cells and 3D cell culture technology provide powerful approaches to the development of novel and more effective therapies.

Image Credit: SLAS Technology February 2019 front cover images courtesy of Corning Life Sciences

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January 23, 2019