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The SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood E-zine: Five Years of Real Stories about Real People

It has been five years since the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood (SLAS ELN) e-zine began bringing to life the people behind the science and technology that drive the SLAS life sciences community forward. The SLAS ELN is the place to learn more about like-minded colleagues and their personal and professional achievements.

By Richard Eglen, Ph.D.

From Singapore to Seattle to Stockholm, eager post-docs, seasoned Nobel Laureates and those who work diligently at the benchtop or in classrooms share their ideas, hopes and fears in this friendly and informative international forum. Over the past five years, the SLAS ELN editorial archive has blossomed into a creative cache of ideas, information and inspiration. It has over 150 stories to tell about the state-of-the-science and about people who, like you and I, are driven to find ways over, under and around scientific and technological challenges.

The SLAS e-zine shares insight into the variety of paths that take individuals into life sciences discovery and technology. How they did it, what they do now and what they hope to do in the future prompts us to reflect on our own career journeys. All these stories remind us that our community is an assembly of unique individuals – living, breathing people with personal interests that range from woodworking and pizza making to mountain climbing and sailing across oceans. They illustrate how we’re all the same, but different.

To mark the SLAS ELN’s five-year milestone, we’ve made some behind-the-scenes improvements to update and enhance online readability and functionality. For example, SLAS ELN now is housed within the framework of (vs. being hosted on a separate microsite). This increases speed and enables seamless search and discovery. Our social media tools are upgraded to make it easier to share entire stories or select passages with friends. The editorial design and layout also are streamlined for a fresher, cleaner appearance.

SLAS publishes two journals filled with serious, peer-reviewed science; weekly e-news brief with timely news and announcements; and the SLAS ELN with informative stories about the friendly, unique, innovative, inspiring and always interesting individuals who comprise the SLAS community. As we toast the SLAS ELN’s fifth anniversary, we invite you to bookmark and share your comments, questions and story ideas by contacting SLAS ELN Editor Lynn Valastyan.


Editor’s Footnote:  Learn more about SLAS President Richard Eglen by visiting the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine.


June 27, 2016