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2018 SLAS Advanced 3D Human Models and High-Content Analysis Conference


17-19 October 2018
Corpus Congress Centre
Leiden, Netherlands

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Biology no longer operates in "flat land." Building, measuring, and screening human tissue models are now routine in the discovery landscape. This conference focuses on four distinct -- yet interrelated -- aspects of this work. You'll learn best practices for 3D tissue culture and comparisons to chip-based methods. We’ll show you how to extract meaningful research results from high-throughput microscopy and imaging (and the mass of data they generate) and we’ll explore stem cell culture, organoid generation and tissue miniaturization. Finally, you’ll learn how these technologies enable meaningful results in human disease models.




Session 1 - 3D Culture-Enabling Technologies
This session centers on innovations in 3D culture-enabling technologies. New functional and biology-inspired interfaces and polymer networks and their impact on 3D culture are presented. Recent developments in synthetic and natural hydrogels for embedding 3D cultures are discussed. Progress in bioreactor-type 3D cultures is discussed and automated image-guided cell injection technology for 3D matrix-embedded spheroid generation is presented. Lastly, state-of-the-art organ-on-chip platforms are presented and their application perspective relative to 3D culture systems is discussed.

Session 2 - High Content Screening
This session will focus on applications of high throughput microscopy and multiparametric analysis (otherwise known as High Content Screening) in both basic and applied research. The development of platforms for creating 3D cellular systems will be presented. Automated imaging of 3D cellular systems is challenging as the objects are rare and the volume of data acquired is large. Advances for imaging these challenging objects will be presented. In summary, the session on HCS will present the cutting edge of screening with difficult, but physiologically highly relevant cellular systems.

Session 3 - Advances in Imaging and Analysis
The possibilities for imaging biological samples are constantly evolving as novel imaging modalities are developed and applied to ever wider areas of research. With every hardware advancement, researchers are obliged to develop methods to extract, analyse and interpret data from these images as well as re-evaluate the data that can be extracted from existing imaging modalities. This session will highlight just some of the many current and near-future techniques in both arms of this on-going evolution.

Session 4 - Stem Cells and Organoids
Stem cells offer enormous potential for the in vitro culture of human tissues, with applications in regenerative medicine and drug discovery. As the culture of functional human tissues becomes more standardised and miniaturised, they become increasingly applicable for screening purposes. This presents opportunities to screen for factors that promote survival, growth and functional differentiation of normal tissues and to screen for compounds that are active in disease models. The application of high content methods allows the full potential of these cultured tissues to be realised. As well as enabling screening in more physiologically relevant (non-immortalised) cell types, biobanks of patient-derived stem cells and organoids present the opportunity to screen in tissue panels that capture patient heterogeneity, essentially representing in vitro clinical trials. This session explores these opportunities, drawing on the latest research into stem cell-derived cardiac, neuronal, kidney, intestinal and various cancer organoid cultures.

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Scientific Committee

  • Marc Bickle, Head HT-Technology Development Studio, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Germany
  • Leo Price, CEO, OcellO B.V., Netherlands
  • Michael Howell, Head of the High Throughput Screening Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute, United Kingdom
  • Erik Danen, Associate Professor at the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research, Leiden University, Netherlands

Call for Poster and Presentation Abstracts

SLAS invites research scientists, engineers, academics and business leaders to submit abstracts for presentation at 2018 SLAS Advanced 3D Human Models and High-Content Analysis Conference.

Podium/oral submission deadline: closed
Poster abstract submission deadline: 4 October 2018

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Discounted hotel rooms are available at the Hilton Garden Inn Leiden, located next to the conference venue.

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About Leiden, City of Discoveries

The international reputation Leiden enjoys as a city of knowledge is one of monumental renown and a long history. Leiden, City of Discoveries, has been home to many Nobel Prize laureates. New discoveries are still made in our city every day: at the university, in the Leids Universitair Medisch Center (LUMC) and at the Bio Science Park. The park has developed into one of the biggest biomedical science clusters in the Netherlands, and one of the strongest biomedical science clusters in the world.

In addition to exceptional knowledge, Leiden also boasts many attractive features as a city: the city is rich in cultural heritage, a vast wealth of history in art and science, and a beautiful, vibrant city centre where almost everything is within walking distance.

Ease of Access

Schiphol International Airport is situated between Leiden and Amsterdam, and you can reach Leiden in approximately 15 minutes by train or in 20 minutes by car. Leiden is located in the west of the Netherlands, between The Hague and Amsterdam.

Leiden Central Station is right in the city centre within walking distance of the big hotels and many conference and event locations. The taxi stand can be found on top of the bicycle parking facility in the centre of Stationsplein. You can also opt to experience the Dutch way of transport: by bike! You can rent bikes in the vicinity of the station.


The BioScience Park in Leiden is the heart of medical and biological applied sciences in Northwest Europe and is the biggest life sciences cluster in the Netherlands. In addition to publicly funded knowledge institutions, many SMEs and large companies are also established here. Together, they develop and produce medicines, vaccines and more. The close proximity of the medical and natural science faculties contribute largely to their success. 



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