SLAS Celebrates the Top 10 Most-Cited SLAS Discovery Articles

As part of the 10th anniversary of SLAS, the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board of SLAS Discovery have compiled two top 10 lists acknowledging the most-cited articles published within the journal since its inception in 2018. The articles featured on this lists were published between 2018 and 2019 and are listed in numerical order based on the number of citations.

As a bonus, take a look back at the history of SLAS Discovery by viewing the top 10 overall most-cited lists, featuring articles from when SLAS Discovery was known as the Journal of Biomolecular Screening.

Each article is available for free and with unlimited access via SAGE Open Access.

Congratulations to all of the authors in each list. SLAS is extremely honored to work with the scientists and researchers who are featured in our scientific publications and look forward to another 10 years of showcasing significant life sciences and technology research within SLAS Discovery.

SLAS Discovery


  1. Advanced Development of Primary Pancreatic Organoid Tumor Models for High-Throughput Phenotypic Drug Screening
    Hou, Shurong; Tiriac, Herve; Sridharan, Banu Priya; Scampavia, Louis; Madoux, Franck; Seldin, Jan; Souza, Glauco R.; Watson, Donald; Tuveson, David; Spicer, Timothy P.

  2. Robustness of In Vitro Selection Assays of DNA-Encoded Peptidomimetic Ligands to CBX7 and CBX8
    Denton, Kyle E.; Wang, Sijie; Gignac, Michael C.; Milosevich, Natalia; Hof, Fraser; Dykhuizen, Emily C.; Krusemark, Casey J.

  3. Amino Acid Transporters as Disease Modifiers and Drug Targets
    Broer, Stefan

  4. Nuisance Compounds, PAINS Filters, and Dark Chemical Matter in the GSK HTS Collection
    Chakravorty, Subhas J.; Chan, James; Greenwood, Marie Nicole; Popa-Burke, Ioana; Remlinger, Katja S.; Pickett, Stephen D.; Green, Darren V. S.; Fillmore, Martin C.; Dean, Tony W.; Luengo, Juan, I; Macarron, Ricardo

  5. 3D Cell-Based Assays for Drug Screens: Challenges in Imaging, Image Analysis, and High-Content Analysis
    Booij, Tijmen H.; Price, Leo S.; Danen, Erik H. J.

  6. Establishing MALDI-TOF as Versatile Drug Discovery Readout to Dissect the PTP1B Enzymatic Reaction
    Winter, Martin; Bretschneider, Tom; Kleiner, Carola; Ries, Robert; Hehn, Joerg P.; Redemann, Norbert; Luippoldi, Andreas H.; Bischoff, Daniel; Buettner, Frank H.

  7. Randomness in DNA Encoded Library Selection Data Can Be Modeled for More Reliable Enrichment Calculation
    Kuai, Letian; O'Keeffe, Thomas; Arico-Muendel, Christopher

  8. A High-Throughput Dose-Response Cellular Thermal Shift Assay for Rapid Screening of Drug Target Engagement in Living Cells, Exemplified Using SMYD3 and IDO1
    McNulty, Dean E.; Bonnette, William G.; Qi, Hongwei; Wang, Liping; Ho, Thau F.; Waszkiewicz, Anna; Kallal, Lorena A.; Nagarajan, Raman P.; Stern, Melissa; Quinn, Amy M.; Creasy, Caretha L.; Su, Dai-Shi; Graves, Alan P.; Annan, Roland S.; Sweitzer, Sharon M.; Holbert, Marc A.

  9. Development and Implementation of an HTS-Compatible Assay for the Discovery of Selective Small-Molecule Ligands for Pre-microRNAs
    Lorenz, Daniel A.; Vander Roest, Steve; Larsen, Martha J.; Garner, Amanda L.

  10. Drug Discovery on Natural Products: From Ion Channels to nAChRs, from Nature to Libraries, from Analytics to Assays
    Otvos, Reka A.; Still, Kristina B. M.; Somsen, Govert W.; Smit, August B.; Kool, Jeroen

SLAS Discovery and the Journal of Biomolecular Screening


  1. Three-Dimensional Cell Cultures in Drug Discovery and Development
    Fang, Ye; Eglen, Richard M.

  2. New Perspective in the Field of Cardiac Safety Testing through the Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay Paradigm
    Fermini, Bernard; Hancox, Jules C.; Abi-Gerges, Najah; Bridgland-Taylor, Matthew; Chaudhary, Khuram W.; Colatsky, Thomas; Correll, Krystle; Crumb, William; Damiano, Bruce; Erdemli, Gul; Gintant, Gary; Imredy, John; Koerner, John; Kramer, James; Levesque, Paul; Li, Zhihua; Lindqvist, Anders; Obejero-Paz, Carlos A.; Rampe, David; Sawada, Kohei; Strauss, David G.; Vandenberg, Jamie I.

  3. Chagas Disease Drug Discovery: Toward a New Era
    Chatelain, Eric

  4. Are GPCRs Still a Source of New Targets?
    Garland, Stephen L.

  5. Increasing the Content of High-Content Screening: An Overview
    Singh, Shantanu; Carpenter, Anne E.; Genovesio, Auguste

  6. Epigenetic Drug Discovery: Targeting DNA Methyltransferases
    Foulks, Jason M.; Parnell, K. Mark; Nix, Rebecca N.; Chau, Suzanna; Swierczek, Krzysztof; Saunders, Michael; Wright, Kevin; Hendrickson, Thomas F.; Ho, Koc-Kan; McCullar, Michael V.; Kanner, Steven B.

  7. Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1): The Misunderstood HDAC
    Stuenkel, Walter; Campbell, Robert M.

  8. A Fluorescent Ligand-Binding Alternative Using Tag-lite (R) Technology
    Zwier, Jurriaan M.; Roux, Thomas; Cottet, Martin; Durroux, Thierry; Douzon, Stephanie; Bdioui, Sara; Gregor, Nathalie; Bourrier, Emmanuel; Oueslati, Nadia; Nicolas, Ludovic; Tinel, Norbert; Boisseau, Chloe; Yverneau, Paul; Charrier-Savournin, Fabienne; Fink, Michel; Trinquet, Eric

  9. Evaluating Cellular Impedance Assays for Detection of GPCR Pleiotropic Signaling and Functional Selectivity
    Peters, Matthew F.; Scott, Clay W.

  10. A Simplified Method for Quantifying Cell Migration/Wound Healing in 96-Well Plates
    Yue, Patrick Y. K.; Leung, Emily P. Y.; Mak, N. K.; Wong, Ricky N. S.