Awards and Grants

Key to SLAS’s mission is nurturing scientific innovation by rewarding and assisting the next generation of innovators through our grants and awards programs.

SLAS Educational Fund

Education is a key element of the SLAS mission. The SLAS Educational Fund facilitates educational opportunities for deserving students who aspire to become professional scientists and researchers that develop and utilize innovative technologies. The SLAS Educational Fund provides scholarships and grant funding to qualified institutions that enable learning opportunities to students from across the globe. The SLAS Educational Fund is supported through tax-deductible contributions, special events (annual FUNd Run) and other donations.

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SLAS Graduate Education Fellowship Grant Program

This grant provides direct support to outstanding students pursuing graduate degrees related to life sciences R&D. Qualifying educational institutions are eligible to apply for grants of up to $50,000 per year, for a maximum of two years, on behalf of specific students enrolled in that institution’s graduate program. Applications are due in the fall and awarded in spring of the following year. 

SLAS Graduate Education Fellowship Grant Timeline
August 2021: Application Site Open
November 29, 2021: Application Deadline
December 2021: 2022 Awardee announced
January 2022: 2022 Award Distributed 

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SLAS 2022 Award Opportunities

SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards

This annual scholarship program comprises funding for the SLAS Annual Conference and Exhibition for students, graduate students, post-doctoral associates and junior faculty with less than four years in their first academic appointments. Awards are based on the quality of proposed presentation abstracts, the relevance of the research to laboratory automation and screening, and a personal statement of the conference's value.

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SLAS Student Poster Competition

Student posters presented during the SLAS Annual Conference and Exhibition are judged on quality and relevance. Student poster presenters are all eligible for the Student Poster Competition, in which the top three posters are recognized. Winners each receive a cash prize of $500.

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SLAS New Product Award

These awards showcase up to three products exhibited during the SLAS Annual Conference and Exhibition based on market opportunity, extraordinary technical originality, quality supporting data and impact on laboratory automation and screening. 

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SLAS Innovation Award

The SLAS Innovation Award is a $10,000 cash prize recognizing the work behind one unique podium presentation during the SLAS Annual Conference. Winners exhibit exceedingly innovative contributions to the exploration of technologies in the laboratory, exceed a benchmark or milestone in screening or the lead discovery process, or demonstrate an advanced and integrated use of mature technologies. 

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SLAS Ignite Award

The SLAS Ignite Award recognizes the best start-up or emerging company exhibiting within Innovation AveNEW, a specially designated area within the Exhibition. Companies selected for Innovation AveNEW, and who opt-in to compete for the SLAS Ignite Award, will be judged by an SLAS panel on a combination of key concepts, including their marketing plan, market presence and potential; funding prospects; plan for growth and the existence of a balanced company leadership, among other qualities.

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SLAS FIRST Team Grants

Grants for the 2021 Calendar Year have all been disbursed. Please check back in January 2022 for new grant opportunities. 

To support the outstanding work being done by FIRST teams, SLAS is offering a limited number of $500 team grants available on a first applied-for, first-served basis.

FIRST’s mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills that inspire innovation and foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

Applications for these grants must be personally endorsed by a dues-paying SLAS member actively engaged as a coach or mentor in a local FIRST team.

Contact Liz Frank, SLAS Program Manager, for more information.

Innovation AveNEW

Innovation AveNEW is a program designed for start-up or emerging companies in the life sciences and technologies space. Companies selected for Innovation AveNEW are given the opportunity to elevate the promotion of their new company, product or service. This specially designated area of the exhibition will connect you to purchasing influencers and decision-makers from around the world — at no cost. Innovation AveNEW companies pay no fees and are rewarded with access to a global audience, business consulting and can opt-in to compete for the SLAS Ignite Award. Innovation AveNEW applications are accepted year-round for the International Conference & Exhibition and the Europe Conference & Exhibition.

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New Product Award

The SLAS New Product Award competition is the perfect opportunity for companies to gain extra recognition for a new product or service through invaluable publicity and visibility.

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