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SLAS Members Collaborate to Manage a Pandemic

The past two years have proven “impossible” is not a word used by the SLAS community. SLAS members illustrated a new era of opportunity and advancement in science. They explored, learned, hired, trained and worked tirelessly to change the global pandemic into something manageable, and collaborated to save lives. Listen to and read the stories of just a few of our members who had critical roles in the pandemic response, from building new testing facilities and new diagnostics, to enabling and producing a vast amount of storage and automation capabilities. This is SLAS.

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COVID-19 Infographic Resources

SLAS has created a series of infographics to help explain the technical and often complex terms discussed during the COVID-19 pandemic. These infographics will help illustrate, in very basic terms, the scientific research behind the ongoing work that is being done in labs worldwide to better understand the nature of the virus, diagnose and manage patients, develop vaccines, and discover more effective ways to stop the pandemic and save lives.

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Infographic: Repurposing Drugs Using High-Throughput Screening (HTS).

Old Drugs are New Again

Learn how researchers use high-throughput screening (HTS) to determine whether existing drugs can be repurposed as possible treatments for COVID-19.

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Infographic: What is an Assay Anyway?

What is an Assay?

“What is an ASSAY anyway?” explains the term and significance of the word “assay,” which is a basic and standard procedure in laboratory medicine and critical to the activities going on in countless labs today.

This infographic is available in the following downloadable formats:

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Infographic: How Do Coronavirus Diagnostic Tests Work?

Coronavirus Diagnostic Tests

“How do Coronavirus Diagnostic Tests Work?” explains blood-derived and virus-derived testing, how the tests are conducted as well as the pros and cons of each.

This infographic is available in the following downloadable formats:

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