SLAS Short Courses

SLAS is expanding its short course and workshop-based learning! Due to overwhelming demand, SLAS will now include both within our global symposia programming as well as host them at companies and organizations looking to expand employee learning opportunities.

On Demand Short Courses

Conference Associated Short Courses

Short courses at SLAS Europe 2023 will take place on Tuesday 23 May.

SLAS2023 Short Courses

SLAS is currently searching for instructors to deliver the Lab of the Future course programming. Instructors will be paid at a rate of $1,000 per teaching day. The instructor will teach from the course materials provided by SLAS that have been thoughtfully created by external Subject Matter Experts. Courses will be taught ad hoc when requested by an organization or institution. Instructors will travel to said institution to teach the course, with all travel expenses paid by the institution as part of the course fee.

Instructors should have the following qualifications:

  • Experienced in analytical workflows such as HTS, cell-based assays or bioanalytical assays.
  • Experience leveraging machine learning for lab automation processes or analysis of high throughput data.
  • Experience with data flows and data management.
  • Ideally experienced in implementing laboratory automation either as customer, vendor or consultant.
  • Some level of experience in general project management and demand capacity analysis.

If you are interested in being an instructor, please complete an application. If you know someone who would be a good fit for one of the above topical areas, please share this with them.

Apply to be an Instructor

Those interested in developing a short course should submit a proposal including course title, expected learning guidelines and description of why the content is relevant to the SLAS community along with an abstract and credentials (CV, LinkedIn profile) for consideration.

Submit Short Course Proposal

  • AI 101 (Available 2023)
  • High-Content Screening (Available 2023)