SLAS Short Courses

SLAS is expanding its short course and workshop-based learning! Due to overwhelming demand, SLAS will now include both within our global symposia programming as well as host them at companies and organizations looking to expand employee learning opportunities.

SLAS is currently searching for content creators to help the Society expand this programming. A creator will work with SLAS to create topical course materials that can be added to our permanent media library and be owned by the Society and will receive honoraria based on time and effort.

Submit Short Course Proposal

We are currently soliciting proposals in the following topics, based on SLAS strategic educational investment, and are open to additional topic suggestions as well:

  • Smart Lab: How to approach the efficient design of the lab of the future
  • AI 101: Artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks ("AI 101")
  • Advanced AI: How to use AI in all things 'omics such as transcriptome, genome, proteome, metabolome or microbiomes

Those interested should submit a proposal including course title, expected learning guidelines and description of why the content is relevant to the SLAS community along with an abstract and credentials (CV, LinkedIn profile) for consideration.

Submit Short Course Proposal

A full list of current short courses will be updated as they become available.