SLAS Technology Provider Advisory Committee Charter

Committee / Task Force / Council Name SLAS Technology Provider Advisory Committee (TPAC)
Last Updated April 4, 2018
Mission / Charge The Technology Provider Advisory Committee provides information and recommendations to the Strategic Relations Council on how best to serve the needs of, and engage with, the vendor community. The role of the TPAC may, over time, be amended to reflect the needs of the Society.
Specific Deliverables

Potential Deliverables: (deliverables will vary on a yearly basis based on initiatives agreed in the year’s budget)

  • Vendor needs research (survey + qualitative interviews)
  • Analysis and shortlist of key vendors / players within each target cluster
  • Recruitment strategy for vendors not yet engaging with SLAS
Level of Authority Recommends strategies to the Strategic Relations Council which will enhance the relationship between SLAS and its vendor community.
Other Committees/TFs/Councils with Which This Group Interacts This committee reports to the Strategic Relations Council (SRC).
Number of Members, Terms & Rotation

No less than six (6) individuals, all of whom shall be dues-paying members of the Society. The TPAC shall be composed of members from the vendor community which may include service suppliers such as CROs. This Committee will have balanced representation from North America and Europe and will add geographic representation as the Society expands into other regions. Ideally members will represent a cross-section of SLAS members’ areas of interest.

Each member’s term shall last no more than three (3) years with the possibility of the term being renewed one (1) consecutive time. The committee shall rotate or renew terms of two (2) members every year to allow for fresh perspectives and volunteer opportunities while maintaining continuity.

The committee shall determine its own Chair and Vice Chair. The terms of Chair and Vice Chair will be one (1) year. The Vice Chair moves into the Chair position when their term as Vice Chair is complete, pending approval by the committee.

Desired Member Skills TPAC members will be dues-paying members, active participants in the Society and be willing to serve and represent SLAS as involved leaders. They will have a broad understanding of the goals and work of the Society. Members will represent the diversity of the SLAS global vendor community. If possible, those with multi-country responsibilities. Can provide insights on the market and on competition.
Type & Frequency of Meetings This committee meets via teleconference throughout the year.
Budget This group does not have a budget.
Staff Liaison Brenda Dreier, CMP, Chief Operating Officer