Author Promotional Tools

Promotional Tips for Authors

Free and easy opportunities for SLAS Authors:

  • Register for Kudos to explain, enrich and share your published papers, and then measure the impact of your actions.
  • Protect your scholarly identity by registering for an ORCID unique identifier so editors, funding agencies, publishers and institutions can reliably recognize you in the same way that ISBNs and DOIs identify books and articles.
  • Post a link to your online-first publication on social media and tag SLAS (#SLAS).
  • Reference your publication in future work.
  • Promote your published paper with a video abstract on YouTube. Video abstracts require relatively little effort or technical expertise and are a compelling way to boost awareness, readership and citations.

Journal Author Toolkit

SLAS is pleased to offer a Journal Author Toolkit to make it simple to promote your published papers. Below you will find a variety of visual aids to help you promote articles. Download graphics to include within your social media posts, emails, or personal websites.

For SLAS Discovery Authors

Discovery - Paper

Available in three sizes:

Discovery - Research

Available in three sizes:

For SLAS Technology Authors

Technology - Paper

Available in three sizes:

Technology - Research

Available in three sizes: