Author Promotional Tools

SLAS is pleased to offer a Journal Author Toolkit to help accelerate the dissemination and impact of your published papers. Below you will find a variety of tips, templates and visual aids to help you promote your articles through various channels including social media, email and blogs.

Maximize your Visibility

Opportunities for Authors

  • Register for Kudos to explain, share and measure the impact of your published papers.
  • Protect your scholarly identity by registering for an ORCID unique identifier so editors, funding agencies, publishers and institutions can reliably recognize you in the same way that ISBNs and DOIs identify books and articles.
  • Give an SLAS FYI Talk: A three- to five-minute recording that summarizes and highlights your latest and greatest projects, research and developments with the global SLAS life sciences community.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help your article appear higher in search results (i.e., Google). Here are some pointers to improve your search result ranking:
    • Strong keywords in your titles and headings (descriptive and specific to your article).
    • Interlink your article with other content on the web (citations and data repositories).
    • Make sure your authorship information is complete.
    • Pay special attention to your image and table captions (use strong keywords).
  • Podcasts can be a great way of connecting with your community. Reach out to our journal editors to be included in a future episode of our dedicated journal podcasts so your readers can meet the people behind the science. Reach out to if you would like to be a featured guest on one of our journal podcasts:

Listen to SLAS Discovery Author InsightsListen to SLAS Technology Authors Talk Tech

  • Write a news piece to promote your innovative findings – for your personal blog (WordPress, Tumblr, etc.) as well as your institution's blogs/news centers (where an opportunity is available). Universities and academic departments love sharing the wins of their researchers. Check-in with your institution to see what opportunities are available to circulate your work and relevant commentaries.
  • Include references to your previous work in new articles, however, do consider the self-citation ratio (suggestion: keep at less than 20% of all references).
  • Events:
    Present your research at upcoming SLAS conferences and events.

Getting your research noticed:


As your research has been published Open Access, you have no barriers to sharing your research. Use some of the suggested materials and tips below to share your research with your peers.

  • Email Signatures:
    Copy and paste either snippet of text below into your email signature to promote your article in your day-to-day communications.

SLAS Discovery:

  1. My paper on [insert subject area(s)] was just published open access in SLAS Discovery – access [here – hyperlink to article].
  2. [Insert article title and hyperlink], just published open access in SLAS Discovery.

SLAS Technology:

  1. My paper on [insert subject area(s)] was just published open access in SLAS Technology – access [here – hyperlink to article].
  2. [Insert article title and hyperlink], just published open access in SLAS Technology.
  • Social Media Graphics:
    Download the graphics below to promote your articles on social media, via email or on your personal websites. Graphical abstracts or figures pulled directly from your article are also effective visuals to share online.

For SLAS Discovery Authors

Discovery - Paper large purple cover image

Download for:

For SLAS Technology Authors

Technology - Paper large blue cover image

Download for: