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Give Your New Product the Promotional Spark it Needs

The SLAS New Product Award competition is the perfect opportunity for companies to gain extra recognition for a new product or service through invaluable publicity and visibility.

Each year thousands of the world's leading scientists, researchers, engineers, academics and business leaders working in life sciences technology and discovery access the Exhibition with the goal of providing keen insight and advocacy on more than 300 products showcased within.

Congratulations to the SLAS2023 New Product Award winners: Dynamic Biosensors for heliXcyto, Byonoy GmbH for Absorbance 96 Automate and Blink AG for Blink X.

Congratulations to the SLAS Europe 2023 New Product Award winners: Bionomous for EggSorter and Readily3D for Tomolite.

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Listen to Past New Product Award Winners:

SLAS2021 New Product Award Winner - CELLINK

SLAS 2021 New Product Award Winner - OrganoTherapeutics

SLAS 2021 New Product Award Winner - Solentim 

SLAS2020 New Product Award Winner - V&P Scientific, Inc.

SLAS2020 New Product Award Winner - Bioelectronica

2019 New Product Award Winner: Stilla Technologies

2019 New Product Award Winner: NanoView

2019 New Product Award Winner: Andrew Alliance

Any company exhibiting at either the SLAS International Conference & Exhibition or the Europe Conference & Exhibition and is launching a new product at the show. A new product is defined as one that has been launched in the year since the previous conference and exhibition and commercially available for purchase within 90 days pre- and post-conference. Major product enhancements to an existing product may be considered.

All applications are reviewed by the New Product Awards Review Panel, who will evaluate applications for technical merit and commercial feasibility as well as other criteria, inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • Market opportunity
  • Impact of the product
  • Originality of the product
  • Proof of concept

The New Product Award Review Panel will review all applications a month ahead of the conference and select up to 10 finalists to interview on site. On site at the conference and exhibition the finalists will be interviewed by judges and up to three winners will be selected.

SLAS reserves the right to select and deselect any company at any given time. All decisions are final.

Applicants will need to:

  • Identify Product Area
  • Share a description of the product
  • Upload product literature
  • Upload company logo
  • Upload a short (five minutes or less) video explaining your new product or showing it in operation. This does not need to be of professional quality video (phone recorded videos acceptable). Marketing clips also accepted.

Applicants will also be asked to:

  • Provide a description of the market opportunity and brief comparison between whatever the current industry standard is and the product.
  • What is original about the product?
  • Describe the impact of the product?
  • Share the proof of concept.

Need more information? Contact Stephanie Salerno, Program Coordinator.