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Upcoming Get Ahead Sessions

SLAS Get Ahead discussions are geared towards students, graduate students and early-career professionals looking for tips and advice for navigating the initial stages of their careers.

There are no upcoming Get Ahead sessions scheduled, but please check back for future events!

Recent recordings include:

  • Why You Should Plan for Change as Part of Your Career Journey
  • Turn Failure to Success
  • Mentoring

Access Past Get Ahead Sessions

The sessions below are accessible within the full SLAS2021 and SLAS2022 International Conference and Exhibition recording packages. Your complimentary Student Membership allows access to each package. Click on the buttons to access each package, then click “Contents” to find the corresponding session tab listed next to each title.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Panel on the Clear Case for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Life Sciences (SLAS2022, Featured Panels)
  • WomXn and the Path to Computer Science (SLAS2022, Ignite)
  • WomXn of SLAS Topical Interest Group (SLAS2021 Topical Interest Groups)

Future Proof Your Training

  • AI for the Future of Work in Biotech (SLAS2022, Data Science and AI)
  • AI in Labs: Improving Research, Products and a Look to the Future (SLAS2022, Featured Panels)
  • Emerging Trends in Digital Health: The Future of Healthcare (SLAS2022, Featured Panels)
  • Impact of Remote and Changing Workforce on Lab of the Future (SLAS2022, Data Science and AI)
  • The Sweet Spot for Sustainable Labs of the Future (SLAS2022, Data Science and AI)
  • Workplaces of the Future: Future Topics and Trends for Human-Machine Interactions (SLAS2022)
  • Implications for Lab Automation (SLAS2022)
  • Why Data Maturity is Essential to the Lab of the Future (SLAS2022, Data Science and AI)

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