SLAS Releases COVID-19 Infographics to Explain Research Terminology

For Immediate Release

Oak Brook, IL (USA) — SLAS has released the first two infographics in an ongoing series of tools to help the general public better understand the technical jargon being discussed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Official press conferences, news articles, statistical reports, social media posts and health organizations use technical research terms that often are misunderstood (or not understood at all) by a general audience.

The first infographic, “What is an ASSAY anyway?” explains the word “assay,” which is a basic and standard procedure in laboratory medicine and critical to the activities in countless labs today.

The second infographic, “How do Coronavirus Diagnostic Tests Work?” explains blood-derived and virus-derived testing, how the tests are conducted as well as the pros and cons of each.

The infographics are meant to illustrate, in very basic terms, the ongoing work in labs worldwide to understand the nature of the virus, diagnose and manage patients, develop vaccines and discover effective ways to stop the pandemic and save lives.  

SLAS invites the public to download and share the infographics widely. Click here.

what is an assay
diagnostic tests


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