SLAS Governance

The governance of SLAS ensures the Society is positioned to maximize the strength of its volunteer leadership and to deliver the greatest value to SLAS members and stakeholders. 

The representation of volunteers and subject matter experts from around the globe in all major aspects of our society enables SLAS to remain attuned to the needs and priorities of the different disciplines and markets that the Society serves. Volunteers are key to SLAS’s ability to develop and deliver a dynamic portfolio of programs and services that serves a global community of life sciences technology and discovery professionals.

There are four aspects to SLAS Governance:


The Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Audit Committee, Nominations Committee

Supporting the management tier are three councils, each comprised of multiple committees. For more information on each committee, see Get Involved in SLAS!

Membership and Engagement Council

Dedicated to identifying trends and needs in the SLAS Community and among potential customers

  • Membership Committee
  • Awards and Grants Committee

Knowledge Content and Delivery Council

Maintains oversight for all SLAS content and delivery across all subjects, methods of delivery and location

  • Journals Committee
  • Americas Scientific Program Committee
  • Europe Scientific Program Committee
  • Asia Scientific Program Committee

Strategic Relations Council

Focused on ensuring SLAS maintains a solid understanding of the scientific and market trends that influence and impact the Society. Recommends, develops and launches new programs, products and services.

  • Technology Provider Advisory Committee
  • Strategic Alliances Committee