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Oak Brook, IL (August 11, 2022) – The August issue of SLAS Technology is now available Open Access on ScienceDirect.

Cell migration is an essential function that both influences the positioning of cells within the body and affects bodily processes like repairing wounds. Unfortunately, cell migration is also an essential component in metastasis. Cancer research has benefited greatly from the advancements in modern technology. For instance, 3D tissue culturing models, such as spheroids, enable researchers to perform in vitro assays on samples that more accurately recreate the tumor environment than cell cultures alone. However, spheroids by themselves are not sufficient when studying metastasis; to accurately recreate in vivo cell migration you must also accurately recreate the tissue-specific microenvironment. Thus, the difficulty in studying metastasis lies the ability to design high-throughput, results-producing in vitro assays that translate to the in vivo environment.

In the study “A biomimetic high throughput model of cancer cell spheroid dissemination onto aligned fibrillar collagen” by Ibrahim, et al., the team of researchers seeks a new way to provide a tool for observing cell migration with a high-throughput spheroid-based migration assay by using a tissue-mimicking, fibrillar collagen type 1 extracellular matrix (ECM). By placing spheroids in the center of a tissue-mimicking ECM, the researchers produced a more accurate representation of how cells migrate through an ECM, thus creating a new method for researchers to study cell motility and cancer metastasis. Access this August issue of SLAS Technology to learn more about the image analysis of cell migration and its potential benefits in cancer research.

The August issue of SLAS Technology includes these additional articles:

Access to the August issue of SLAS Technology is available at https://slas-technology.org/issue/S2472-6303(22)X0005-8


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