Four Start-up Companies Get Boost on SLAS Innovation AveNEW at ELRIG Drug Discovery

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London, UK (October 12, 2022) – The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, (SLAS) hosted five start-up life sciences companies at an Innovation AveNEW section of the ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 conference, October 4-5.

Innovation AveNEW is a part of the SLAS Ignite initiative that promotes start-up and emerging life sciences companies, providing critical global exposure to their products and services. Innovation AveNEW also promotes collaboration and enables scientists, academic researchers and business development professionals to build connections that result in pioneering new research, new products, innovative breakthroughs and commercialization opportunities for all involved.

Listed alphabetically, the following companies participated in Innovation AveNEW at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022:

  • Exit 071: a Netherlands-based startup developing a microfluidics-based technology for the analysis of exosomes in therapeutics and diagnostics
  • Inventia Life Science: makers of a unique digital bioprinting technology for drug discovery and biomed research
  • Navigate Precision Biology (University of Dundee): creator of cell-based assays and the revolutionary 384-well NaviPlate
  • : Barcelona-based company providing computational and medicinal chemistry, machine learning and artificial intelligence services through PharmScreen and PharmQSAR to explore a larger and more diverse chemical space
  • Salve Therapeutics, developers of a bioengineering software platform called VirCAD that will enable exploration of genetic disease therapies, was also chosen but was unable to attend ELRIG in London.

SLAS sponsors the Innovation AveNEW at its annual international conference and exhibition in the U.S., its Europe conference and exhibition, and at select affiliated events such as ELRIG Drug Discovery and BioSpain. For more information about SLAS’s Ignite program and Innovation AveNEW opportunities for start-ups, visit For more information about SLAS, visit or contact SLAS Global Headquarters at +1.877.990.SLAS(5727) or e-mail


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