SLAS Technology's December Issue looks at a 3D Printed Model for Improving Vasodilation Research

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Oak Brook, IL (December 13, 2022) – Featured in the December issue of SLAS Technology, the article “Freestanding hydrogel lumens for modeling blood vessels and vasodilation” by Dostie, et al, outlines a new method capable of solving some of the issues existing methods face.

Vasodilation allows for increased blood flow, which involves widening the Lumen – a core structure within blood vessels. Studying vasodilation is time consuming, reliant on animal vessels and produces inadequate results. Finding a 3D cell culture that can be used to create efficient in vitro assays while accurately replicating the in vivo environment is a growing challenge researchers face.

The article provides a highly detailed guide for two casting methods for producing cell-laden hydrogel rings that can be used in medium-throughput experiments. What makes this method unique is the freestanding approach as the vasoactive movements of the fabricated vessels are unrestricted.

Learn how this user-friendly model is simply constructed and its wide array of research applications and other research articles in this month’s issue of SLAS Technology.

The December issue of SLAS Technology includes these additional articles:

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