Call for Papers

Advancement of Diverse RNA-Targeting Modalities

Special issue in SLAS Discovery – completed manuscripts accepted until June 30, 2023!

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SLAS Discovery Guest Editor(s) Matthew Disney, Ph.D. (The Scripps Research Institute), and Helen Lightfoot, Ph.D. (AstraZeneca), invite the submission of abstracts covering topics around the identification and optimization of RNA targeting modalities for publication in a 2023 Special Issue. Manuscript abstracts will be used to select and invite papers for review and publication consideration.

SLAS Discovery seeks high-quality, short-or full-length research reports, reviews, protocols and perspectives related to discovery phase identification and scale profiling of modalities targeting RNA. Manuscripts are welcome from academia, industry and vendors. All submitted papers will be subject to peer-review to ensure scientific rigor, clarity of expression and integration with other contributions in the SLAS Discovery Special Issue. Areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Screening platforms identifying small molecules targeting RNA (smRNA)  
  • Data analysis and/or computational protocols for smRNA high-throughput screening data including chemistry deep learning and AI approaches 
  • RNA kinetics, dynamics and modifications, and their application for smRNA drug discovery 
  • Approaches for identification of smRNA targets  
  • smRNA target engagement approaches
  • Translational investigations between smRNA in vitro and in cell hit identification/validation approaches 
  • Secondary Pharmacology (screening – wet lab or virtual) investigations into smRNA 
  • Methods for identification and validation (preclinical and/or clinical) of direct smRNA targeting relevant biomarkers 
  • Structure-guided approaches to smRNA directed drug discovery including computational methodologies as well as experimental techniques  
  • Approaches for identification and optimization of RNA degraders (i.e. RIBOTACS)
  • High-content RNA directed methodologies 
  • Examples of successful smRNA and RNA degrader drug discovery efforts and challenges  
  • Screening platforms identifying oligonucleotides targeting RNA 
  • Structure-directed off-target evaluations of oligonucleotides targeting RNA 
  • Approaches to identify and optimize small molecules which modulate proteins directly involved in RNA processing (for example, RNA methylation, adenylation, uridylation)

Submit your completed manuscript before June 30, 2023.