Announcing the SLAS Discovery Editor's Top 10 for 2022

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The SLAS Discovery Editor's Top 10 annually showcases ten individual articles that stand out as the most
innovative scientific achievements published in
SLAS Discovery in the past 12 months.

Oak Brook, IL (February 10, 2023) – In  2022, SLAS Discovery  completed its first year of open access publishing, introduced Protocols articles, and increased its impact factor to 3.341.

The SLAS Discovery Editor's Top 10 for 2022 highlights articles that contribute to the journal’s goals in educating and encouraging scientific collaboration by addressing the common and topical interests in drug discovery and the life sciences. These top 10 articles include new COVID-19 drug discovery efforts using high-throughput screening approaches; proving the necessity for developing new ways to represent diseased patient tissues more accurately with 3D organoid systems; and efforts to identify potential treatments for diseases without a known cure, such as autism spectrum disorder and obesity.

SLAS Discovery Editor-in-Chief Robert M. Campbell, Ph.D. (Redona Therapeutics), acknowledges the authors, editors and reviewers for their time and dedication in delivering fascinating research to SLAS Discovery and its readers. The SLAS Discovery Editor’s Top 10 editorial is published in Volume 28, Issue 1 of SLAS Discovery.

Discovery of SARS-CoV-2 main protease covalent inhibitors from a DNA-encoded library selection
By Rui Ge, Zuyuan, Jian Yin, Wenhua Chen, Qi Zhang, Yulong An, Dewei Tang, Alexander L. Satz, Wenji Su, Lettian Kuai (SLAS Discovery 202227, 79-85)

Detection and impact of hypoxic regions in multicellular tumor spheroid cultures formed by head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells lines
By David A. Close, Paul A. Johnston (SLAS Discovery 202227, 39-54)

Lead identification using 3D models of pancreatic cancer
By Virneliz Fernandez-Vega, Shurong Hou, Dennis Plenker, Hervé Tiriac, Pierre Baillargeon, Justin Shumate, Louis Scampavia, Jan Seldin, Glauco R. Souza, David A. Tuveson, Timothy P. Spicer (SLAS Discovery 202227, 159-166)

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics of 3D cell culture: a useful tool to validate culture of spheroids and organoids
By Thayna Mendonca Avelino, Marta García-Arévalo, Felipe Rafael Torres, Marieli Mariano Goncalves Dias, Romenia Ramos Domingues, Murilo de Carvalho, Matheus de Castro Fonseca, Vanessa Kiraly Thomaz Rodrigues, Adriana Franco Paes Leme, Ana Carolina Migliorini Figueira (SLAS Discovery 202227, 167-174)

Development of high-throughput lacrimal gland organoid platforms for drug discovery in dry eye disease
By Teerapat Rodboon, Supansa Yodmuang, Risa Chaisuparat, Joao N. Ferreira (SLAS Discovery 202227, 151-158)

Multifunctional profiling of triple-negative breast cancer patient-derived tumoroids for disease modeling
By Evan F. Cromwell, Oksana Sirenko, Ekaterina Nikolov, Matthew Hammer, Courtney K. Brock, Margarite D. Matossian, Madlin S. Alzoubi, Bridgette M. Collins-Burow, Matthew E. Burow (SLAS Discovery 202227, 191-200)

A high throughput screening assay for inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 pseudotyped particle entry
By Miao Xu, Manisha Pradhan, Kirill Gorshkov, Jennifer D. Petersen, Min Shen, Hui Guo, Wei Zhu, Carleen Klumpp-Thomas, Sam Michael, Misha Itkin, Zina Itkin, Marco R. Straus, Joshua Zimmerberg, Wei Zheng, Gary R. Whittaker, Catherine Z. Chen (SLAS Discovery 202227, 86-94)

Identification of potent small molecule inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 entry
By Sonia Mediouni, Huihui Mou, Yuka Otsuka, Joseph Anthony Jablonski, Robert Scott Adcock, Lalit Batra, Dong-Hoon Chung, Christopher Rood, Ian Mitchelle S. de Vera, Ronald Rahaim Jr., Sultan Ullah, Xuerong Yu, Yulia A. Getmanenko, Nicole M. Kennedy, Chao Wang, Tu-Trinh Nguyen, Mitchell Hull, Emily Chen, Thomas D. Bannister, Pierre Baillargeon, Louis Scampavia, Michael Farzan, Susana T. Valente, Timothy P. Spicer (SLAS Discovery 202227, 8-19)

Screening for modulators of autism spectrum disorder using induced human neurons
By Sumitha Rajendra Rao, Ana Kostic, Pierre Baillargeon, Virneliz Fernandez-Vega, Mitzy Rios de Anda, Kelty Fletcher, Justin Shumate, Louis Scampavia, Joseph D. Buxbaum, Timothy P. Spicer (SLAS Discovery 202227, 128-139)

Adipocyte-based high throughput screening for anti-obesity drug discovery: current status and future perspectives
By Leo Tsui (SLAS Discovery 202227, 375-383)


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