Innovation AveNEW

Innovation AveNEW

Companies selected for Innovation AveNEW are given the opportunity to elevate the promotion of their new company, product or service. This specially designated area of the exhibition will connect you to purchasing influencers and decision-makers from around the world — at no cost. Innovation AveNEW companies pay no fees and are rewarded with access to a global audience, business consulting and can opt-in to compete for the SLAS Ignite Award. Innovation AveNEW Applications are accepted year-round for the International Conference & Exhibition and the Europe Conference & Exhibition.

Innovation AveNEW companies exhibiting at the International Conference or Europe Conference who opt-in to compete for the SLAS Ignite Award will be judged by an SLAS panel on a combination of key concepts, including their marketing plan, market presence and potential; funding prospects; plan for growth and the existence of balanced company leadership, among other qualities, for a chance to win $5,000. 

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Hear more about how Innovation AveNEW helped these past participants gain exposure:

Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood, “Cruising the AveNEW : How SLAS Boosts Startup Visibility in Life Sciences.”

Brain in a Dish: Neurix SA, 2021 Innovation AveNEW participant

At the Touch of Your Screen: FLUICS GmbH, 2021 Innovation AveNEW participant

Espresso Machine for DNA: Kilobaser GmbH, 2021 Innovation AveNEW participant

Like Recipes in a Kitchen: LabVoice, 2021 Innovation AveNEW participant

The Importance of Science and Health: Newormics, 2021 Innovation AveNEW participant

Mid-Brain Organoids: OrganoTherapeutics, 2021 Innovation AveNEW participant and New Product Award winner

Iscaffpharma Highlights Technology & Innovation AveNEW Opportunity

Synthace's Experience with Innovation AveNEW

2019 Ignite Award Winner: SEED Biosciences

Interested companies must align in some fashion with the area of life sciences and technology and while not required, an established relationship with a university, bioscience incubator or research institution is preferable. The company’s products and/or services must be available for sale/distribution within the year of their conference participation.

Companies who have previously exhibited on Innovation AveNEW are not eligible to apply again. Innovation AveNEW companies are not permitted to purchase a booth on the exhibit floor.

All applications are reviewed by the Innovation AveNEW Review Panel, who will evaluate applications for technical merit and commercial feasibility as well as other criteria, inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • Compelling science and technology
  • Clarity of vision and market opportunity (business plan)
  • Strength of management team
  • Impact on the field of life sciences discovery and technology
  • Start-up status

A single company may be selected for participation only one time. These spots go quickly!

SLAS reserves the right to select and deselect any company at any given time. All decisions are final. Companies selected for participation in Innovation AveNEW must agree to and adhere to the rules and regulations for participation.

Need more information? Contact Stephanie Salerno, Program Coordinator or at +1.630.256.SLAS (7527) ext. 120.